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  • Sep 28 / 2011
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Making money out of rewards
Blog, Strategy Consulting

Making Money Out Of Rewards

A longstanding business trend has been to implement business strategy with people who are rewarded primarily only in the short term. While at the same time, the company will derive short, medium and long term benefit from the results. Practically, what does this mean? Continue reading →

  • Sep 26 / 2011
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Its not only the economy, stupid
Blog, Strategy Consulting

Its Not Only The Economy, Stupid

Does our strategy need to change in times of recession? Michael Porter, the famous strategy writer and Harvard University professor said in May, 2009: ”strategy is more important in recessionary times.’’ Also, that the real underlying cause of the 2009 crash in the USA was that consumption spending, spiked to above 70% of GDP, from a thirty year average of around 60%. Continue reading →

  • Sep 19 / 2011
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Is it reasonable that I kill you?
Blog, Strategy Consulting

Is It Reasonable That I Kill You?

In recent times, the amount of media given to ‘murders’ of intruders is seemingly increasing. The law, rather vaguely says that if ‘reasonable force’ is used on the intruder, no crime would have been committed. That’s all well and good, but Vincent Cook, the latest homeowner to be given bail (for what I expect is allegedly for exerting unreasonable force) – would he feel aggrieved? Continue reading →

  • Sep 13 / 2011
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Why overeat when dieting?
Blog, Strategy Consulting

Why Overeat When Dieting?

I must confess I am confused regards our economy. Our leaders preach austerity, a diet of lean lifestyles. Yet at the same time, they indulge in greater borrowings and waste in a variety of institutional reorganisations. Call me stupid, but I thought the idea of cost cutting was to reduce debt, not to increase or maintain it. Continue reading →