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  • Nov 25 / 2011
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Growth - What is asked of us?
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Growth – What Is Asked Of Us?

Everyone, especially government and business leaders are fashionably pleading and promoting the need for growth. Needless to say, invariably what Government bleats for is not always the same compote that business requires regards growing our economy. GROWTH – Now an infamous, six letter word that best describes our collective need to “Show me the money!” Continue reading →

  • Nov 15 / 2011
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Why do so many of our projects fail?
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Why Do So Many Of Our Projects Fail?

Creativity, ideas and innovation are relentlessly anticipated in the workplace. We get inspiration from many sources and package our thoughts, options and decisions in abundance in lists, diagrams and power meetings. We involve our network, our subordinates or secretly motivate ourselves with a competitive edge or another juicy reward. Continue reading →