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Create strategy

Strategy conversations

Involves a few hours gaining insights and answers to strategic questions. Conversations mapping a few scenarios are encouraged where many uncertainties exist. Understanding the underlying logic and the requirements to creating your new strategy are invaluable to preparing for a change process. Learn more…

Strategy workshops

Your team will develop and learn their business strategy by ‘doing it’ through preparing for and participating in a practical workshop. Participants work together through structured strategy steps, applying logical, practical, creative and effective tools to build a valuable strategy. Learn more…

Strategy presentations

Participants will have the opportunity to listen to a ‘down to earth’ Strategy Presentation of 45 – 90 minutes in length, followed by a 15 – 30 minute question and answer session. (Times to suit will be agreed) Each presentation will raise tough-questions and stimulate thought provoking ideas. Participants will gain strategic insights and practical tools to use. Learn more…

Benefit from….

  • Learning to use excellent strategy tools and developing valuable competitive skills.
  • Letting your team work online or face-to-face with a professional with decades of strategy consulting experience.
  • Working in your own time and at your own pace.
  • Not requiring previous knowledge of strategy.
  • Taking effective steps, without any hidden fees.

Learn and practice…

  • Where to compete profitably and intelligently.
  • What value you need to create and what resources to use.
  • How to create ethical advantage, repeatedly.
  • How to become and remain a niche market leader.
  • How to create a strategy so that it may be implemented on time, up to standard and within budget.

A new strategy may be used to:

  • Grow your business.
  • Market your products effectively.
  • To start a new business.
  • Create personal or family wealth.
  • Develop an e-strategy for online business.
  • Build a brand into a market leader.
  • Launch a franchise system.
  • Enable sports teams to succeed.
  • Succeed in a complex negotiations.
  • Implement an existing strategy.
  • Get your business ready for sale.
  • Achieve medium to long term goals.
  • Change the culture and direction of your firm.
  • Make your sales team more competitive.
  • Reduce debt.
  • And more…