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Making strategic decisions – what now?

Making strategic decisions – what now? - Trees with question marks painted on them
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Making strategic decisions – what now?

Let’s assume you have a rigorous strategy in place which you are happy with, but as is often the case over time, you need to make or have made an important strategic decision.

You made the decision because much has changed both inside and outside your business in recent times, so the executive team got together to make some decisions that not only will involve a sizable investment and additional resources, but carries a fair amount of risk – to receive the rewards expected.

Making strategic decisions – what now?

What now? You may feel an objective professional opinion is prudent before implementing this strategic decision, yet because of pressure to proceed, you feel uneasy. You know all too well that strategic business decisions come with risk, but this time altering the direction of the business seems a more daunting decision than before. Seemingly, there is more at stake at the moment, since the deployment of existing resources are already in a critical phase and there is no wriggle room for error.

Do you:

  1. Park your fears and go ahead with the decision regardless?
  2. Get your team together and run through the numbers once again or ask them for more information? (Risking appearing nervous or indecisive)
  3. Go with your instinct and get the analysis, insights and assessment of a strategy professional?

It’s always your call. 

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