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  • Aug 13 / 2019
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Steinheist by Rob Rose
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Book review: Steinheist by Rob Rose

This book is a cogent summary in fairly broad brush strokes, of what led to the Steinhoff share crash. The consequences of which left more than 40% of all pensions in South Africa adversely affected. Millions of shares valued one day at more than R50.00, were valued at R7.77 overnight. Continue reading →

  • Apr 05 / 2019
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Restarting Reality

Theresa May has written to the European Union to request a further delay to Brexit until 30 June.

Does this mean that we will continue to be afflicted by this ‘Botch Brexit’ mode? What can possibly be done properly in three months? Continue reading →

  • Nov 10 / 2018
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Ryanair – Financial Strategy

Ryanair have an interesting threesome heading up their group. The notorious Michael O’Leary, (CEO) who seemingly is the company spokesperson. Then, there is economist and travel trade expert, Peter Bellew (COO) and finally, Chairman David Bonderman – the billionaire investor managing a portfolio for clients in excess of $75bn. Continue reading →