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The StratBOARD Community

  • Mar 12 / 2020
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StratBOARD Community

The StratBOARD Community

The StratBoard Community is a ‘soon to be launched’ online group, whose main purpose is to talk about strategy. Strategy is increasingly important in the modern world. It certainly doesn’t require a business school education to collaborate and contribute in our discussion groups. Learning about strategy skills is a lifelong and changing process. Join us, if you’d like to be a part of the conversation!

Membership includes a hosting & management fee of £15 p/cm or £160 pa, payable via PayPal. All members will be allowed to participate fully in strategy conversations, sharing their own documents and original media. Members will also be able to post comments and join topic discussion groups. Hopefully, this will also prove to be a valuable networking opportunity.

StratBOARD Community

No members will be allowed to sell their services in this group. Connections and opportunities between members, will be made primarily to those providing interesting conversation, comments or posting valuable original content. If members wish to trade with one another, then they are welcome to make their own private arrangements.

Like we said earlier, the purpose of the StratBoard Community is to talk about strategy, to share content and meet other professionals who want to learn more and how best to apply their strategy skills.

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