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  • Nov 10 / 2018
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Vango – Social Media Strategy

Vango [1] manufactures camping equipment in Scotland. It started in 1966 under another name, but trades today as Vango from Port Glasgow, a seaside town of little more that 15,000 people. They list two key people, both interested in sport, Stephen Newland and Alistair Moodie as two key people that drive the business. Continue reading →

  • Oct 31 / 2018
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Jeremy Vine
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Jeremy Vine (Vocational Strategy)

Jeremy Vine is 53 and has been employed by the BBC for decades. [3] [4] [5] After leaving Durham University and working for the Coventry Evening Telegraph, he joined the Beeb to train in their news department. He was subsequently posted abroad for a few foreign correspondent assignments. Continue reading →

  • Oct 30 / 2018
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Tina Turner - Change Strategy
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Tina Turner (Change Strategy)

Change and challenges started at an early age for Tina. Adapting over time to her changing circumstances and later when she could, deciding her circumstances. Skills were learnt, from hard earned experience in having to make decisions to survive and thrive. Continue reading →