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Work skills today
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Work Skills Today

Whether working for yourself or others, in our ever changing world there is an alarming skills gap that is revolutionizing the world of work. The bar is relentlessly being raised at an increasing rate. Today, it is a ‘given’ that we need to be competitive – to do this, we need to contribute MEASURABLY or we are in danger of being seen as irrelevant or worse, contaminators to the cause.

To remain relevant, there is a basic minimum of skills that are often not talked about by those wanting to implement their strategy. They are three vital business skills, hiding behind ‘oldish’ terms that increasingly are morphing new meanings. They are:

1. Productivity
2. Creativity
3. Autonomy


We can study all we like with the leading education institutions, but the world of work is relentlessly re-setting the basic ‘rules of the game.’ While we are unable to control the effects of these rule changes, increasing evidence shows that they are changes certain to be happening.

Other than knowing our tools of our trade, managing ourselves and knowing how to administer our business effectively, competition calls us to master THESE THREE skills at the very least. This will at the worst, keep us in the game and at best, enable us to win from time to time. Without these skills, we will find ourselves increasingly feeling marginalised from earning an income from work.


We need to establish a profitable direction for ourselves and our business, to identify our goals, to be focussed on and passionate about our sense of purpose. Money will not endlessly be our primary motivator and we should look to satisfy more meaningful needs that ultimately leave a positive legacy.

When people relate and identify with what you are trying to achieve, managing results through their collective efforts and getting their collaboration is easier. Networking both on the net and face-to-face are both critical means to display our vital inter-personal skills within groups. (Groups are renowned to be the best place to learn quickly and effectively)

Delivering our offering on time, every time is the basic productivity minimum today. To be competitive, we need to exceed expectations of colleagues and clients.

We need passion and energy to be productive. While money motivates at lower levels, people want to do work that changes the world in some way, to leave a legacy. As an example, take a look at the open source software movement.


Great civilisations survive and thrive on great ideas and institutions. Our earning capacity depends on our people (our institution) to supply products and services (our ideas) to groups of people (our community) who are willing to buy what we offer. This means that all those involved in this process, need to do this as efficiently, as cheaply and as competitively as possible.

Those that are not willing or able to do this, actually contaminate not contribute to a positive work result. Those too, that are not ‘known’ to be willing and able to contribute (those that are unavailable or fail to promote themselves appropriately or adequately) are quickly marginalised.

We need to know how to creatively publicise and promote our offering digitally and face-to-face. This means creating a following of people who become our community. Our personal ‘brand’ is what our community buys into, supports, likes, shares and follows. Creating a community is a matter of creative design and strategy. Thereafter, we follow the necessary steps diligently, methodically and constantly reviewing what we do to make necessary changes.


We all need to master some skills in our own unique way. Clients and employers both want to know soon how they can benefit from engaging with you. This could be as simple as making or saving them money, learning from you, promoting them or saving them time. The clearer your message that distinguishes you as an autonomous expert, the quicker they will engage with you.

You need to say and display your mastery with a positive attitude that builds your personal brand. To do this, your skills will enable you to get things done, to learn and keep up to date in your field of expertise.

Doing a lot better than management, clients or most importantly YOU expect or thought possible, is a whole lot more exciting (and motivating) than simply being the best. The standard that second best offers may just be too low. Becoming a master of a discipline or a skill, turfs clock watching and negativity into the dustbin.

Great workers need to feel passionate about challenging and pushing their efforts to the limits. People like to feel that they can be trusted to do the right thing, to unleash their creativity and manage their projects productively, the very best way that THEY decide to do it.


Its a well known fact that recruitment or retrenchment programmes are often NOT very scientific, strategic or more to the point, very clever. Culling or hiring people is now, not about headcount or costs but about WHAT and HOW the person brings their offering to the table. If they do this profitably and competitively they need to be in our team.

Engaging with key people who attract information, ideas, knowledge and solutions productively cannot be found on a spreadsheet or in a budget. Playmakers who silently make the business work are often unsung heroes, not famous or good publicists. They may have focused merely on knowing what skills are relevant to the cause and become a ‘vital hub of help’ to others.

Entrepreneurs and employees TODAY need to be a part of the work revolution by being productive, they need to be creative and they need to be autonomous to contribute positively and competitively in todays world of work.

What do you think? Let me know now below please.

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